10 best online courses to learn ReactJS

Mastering ReactJS can be tricky, but fortunately, many online courses are available to help people learn, whether they are just starting or looking to take their skills to the next level. These online courses often provide structured curricula and comprehensive learning materials, including video tutorials, coding exercises and real-world projects.

Learners can gain hands-on experience and fully understand React’s core concepts and best practices. Some also offer a certificate of completion at the end. Here are some of them:

1. Modern React with Redux [2023 Update] at Udemy

Modern React with Redux by Stephen Grider is one of the top React.js courses on Udemy. A total of 302,955 learners have enrolled in the program. This course will teach developers everything they need to know about React and Redux, including the basics of React, JSX, props, state and more.

2. React – The Complete Guide at Udemy

React – The Complete Guide 2023 (incl. React Router and Redux) by Maximillian Schwarzmuller of Acadmind is another popular course, with over 750,000 students signed up for the program. The course covers the basics, practical applications and more complex concepts like functional testing and routing with React Router.

3. Advanced React and Redux: 2023 Edition at Udemy

Those who have finished the ‘Modern React with Redux’ course can join this advanced course by Stephen Grider. This course teaches developers how to implement advanced features of React and Redux, including authentication, validation, middleware, HOCs and deployment.

4. The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJs, Router) at Udemy

Colt Steele, a former lead instructor and curriculum director at a leading web development boot camp, Galvanize, released this course in April. Over 40,000 students have signed up for the program to date. This course can help developers who struggle to understand React concepts with numerous exercises and projects.

5. Complete React Developer in 2023 at Zero to Mastery

This Zero to Mastery course covers various materials, including context APIs, hooks and Redux. Developers will also create an extensive e-commerce application from scratch and learn the basics of Redux, Hooks, GraphQL, ContextAPI and Stripe. It is recommended that developers who want to sign up for the course have basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge.

6. React 17: Getting Started at PluralSight

The React 17 course will introduce beginner developers to React and JavScript in depth. The course will cover various essential JS concepts, including arrow functions, classes and async. However, this short course does not offer a certificate of completion to participants.

7. React: The Big Picture at PluralSight

React: The Big Picture is another course for beginner developers. It is free and only an hour long, which will be a great way to learn about React. It can also act as a precursor before taking other React courses.

8. Learn React for free at Scrimba

Scrimba’s free, project-based course offers the fundamentals of modern React. It is 12 hours long, divided into four sections — perfect for those who have zero experience in programming. The course also offers a dedicated Discord channel where students can communicate with the larger Scrimba community.

9. UI.dev

UI.dev is different from other courses since it is a website created by an experienced developer, Tyler Mcginnis. The website offers training on the modern JavaScript ecosystem, focusing primarily on the React library. Developers can subscribe to the website for $350 annually, although prices might vary depending on the country.

10. Full Modern React Tutorial by Net Ninja on YouTube

For developers who don’t want to subscribe to or join any online courses, the Full Modern React Tutorial by Net Ninja on YouTube is the answer. A total of 32 short videos on the playlist provide a comprehensive explanation of React. Although beginners can learn through these videos, those with prior JavaScript experience will have some advantages.