At Positive Tech, we prioritize people above all else. As a company, we value our relationships with both our colleagues and clients. We strongly believe that a content team is the key to fulfilling our customers' needs. While we specialize in programming, we take pride in our unique approach and refuse to conform to industry norms. Join us and experience a company that truly cares.


Flexible hours

At our company, we offer flexible work hours for employees to structure their schedule for optimal productivity and efficiency, as long as deliverables are met.

Remote working

Our organization offers remote work options for employees to carry out responsibilities from preferred locations with technology and support.

Flat hierarchy

No voice should go unheard. Our goal is to promote teamwork, increase communication, and create a more democratic and empowered workplace culture.

Apple devices

As an employee, you will be equipped with the latest and most advanced Apple MacBook Pro, offering top-notch performance and innovative features.

Educational budget

Positive Tech offers an educational budget to unlock your potential and support your professional growth. Develop new skills, expand knowledge, and ensure future growth.

Self organizing

At our organization, we believe in self-organizing teams and trust our employees to take ownership of their work.


We are looking for talented and motivated people. Over the years, we’ve mastered how to effectively select and hire the best talent. Here is what to expect.


Introduction and HR interview

In the first interview with the candidate, soft skills and technical knowledge are assessed. It is essential for us to find both a technical and cultural fit for our team, so we will use the opportunity of the first face-to-face conversation to get to know you a little better. Feel free to send us your CV, even if there is no active job opening for the position you are interested in.


Technical evaluation

If the first interview goes well, we will invite you to visit us in our offices and schedule a technical interview. After that we will assign you a little project in order to fully assess your skills. You will have a week of time, this way you can work with no hurry or stress.


Hiring proposal

Following the technical interview, we will have a conversation regarding your interview experience and compensation expectations. Based on these factors, we will create our offer accordingly!


There is no current openings. But feel free to send us your CV below, even if there is no active job opening for the position you are interested in.

Have a web or mobile app project in mind? Let’s discuss making your project a reality.


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