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About the client

"Na Adresu" is a versatile and user-centric mobile application designed to revolutionize the package delivery and pickup services industry. As a client-focused platform, "Na Adresu" prioritizes the convenience, security, and satisfaction of both users and delivery professionals alike.

Business challenge

Entering a competitive market landscape dominated by established players posed a considerable challenge. Competing with well-known delivery service providers required a unique value proposition and aggressive marketing strategies to capture market share and attract both users and delivery professionals to the platform. Acquiring a critical mass of users and retaining them in the long term was a fundamental challenge. Convincing users to switch from existing delivery platforms or adopt a new service required offering compelling incentives, seamless user experience, and superior customer service to build trust and loyalty.

Delivered solution

By addressing key business challenges through strategic planning, innovation, and collaboration, the "Na Adresu" mobile app successfully positioned itself as a competitive player in the package delivery and pickup services industry. Overcoming market competition, acquiring and retaining users, building trust and credibility, defining a viable monetization strategy, and ensuring regulatory compliance were crucial milestones in achieving sustainable growth and long-term success. Moving forward, continued adaptation to market dynamics and customer feedback will be essential for maintaining relevance and leadership in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

na adresu

UX and UI prototyping and approval stage

"Na Adresu" involved a systematic process aimed at ensuring the app's design effectively met the needs and preferences of its users while aligning with the brand identity and business objectives. Here's an overview of the key steps involved: Conducted user research to gain insights into the target audience's preferences, behaviors, and pain points related to package delivery and pickup services. Created low-fidelity wireframes to outline the basic structure, layout, and navigation flow of the app's screens and functionalities. Developed high-fidelity prototypes using design tools such as Figma to visualize the app's user interface design and interactions in greater detail. Conducted usability testing sessions with a diverse group of target users to gather feedback on the prototype's usability, functionality, and overall user experience. Presented the revised prototype to key stakeholders, including project sponsors, product managers, designers, developers, and other relevant team members. Documented the approved design specifications, including style guides, component libraries, interaction patterns, and design rationale, to serve as a reference for developers during implementation. By following this structured UX/UI prototyping and approval process, the "Na Adresu" team ensured that the app's design effectively met the needs and expectations of its users while fostering collaboration and alignment among stakeholders. This approach helped lay a solid foundation for the app's development, setting the stage for a successful launch and positive user reception.

Technology stack


React Native / Crashlytics / Firebase Analytics


React Native / Firebase Analytics / Crashlytics

Web Admin:

Angular / SCSS


Symfony / MySQL / AWS


Overall, the launch of "Na Adresu" marks a significant milestone in the package delivery and pickup services sector, offering a reliable, convenient, and user-friendly solution for consumers and delivery professionals alike. With its positive impact on user satisfaction, delivery efficiency, business growth, and regulatory compliance, "Na Adresu" establishes itself as a leading player in the market, poised for continued success and innovation in the future.

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