Learning ReactJS: Components, stages and career prospects

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Although artificial intelligence (AI) technology is currently the spotlight of the technology industry, the web development specialty is still in high demand as ReactJS continues to become one of the most popular JavaScript-based UI development libraries.

ReactJS remains popular since it is essential for designing user interfaces (UI) in nearly all application types. Popular platforms like Airbnb, Instagram and Netflix use ReactJS in their applications and websites, proving the library’s versatility and adaptability in many applications.

ReactJS, commonly known as React, is a JavaScript library developers use to make interactive website elements like animated visuals and image slideshows. With the library, UI components can automatically appear on apps and websites without reloading the pages.

The Meta-maintained library becomes a boon for developers since apps and websites can skip collecting information from the system to show all website elements. ReactJS skips the stage by making all website elements reusable, so users can save computer power and time.

What to prepare

Before learning more about ReactJS, learning some JavaScript fundamentals is highly suggested. Since ReactJS is an example of a JavaScript library, having basic knowledge about JavaScript can boost the learning time needed for ReactJS.

Luckily, learning about JavaScript fundamentals is easier than ever. Because the programming language is so popular and efficient, JavaScript has a large community of experts with ample learning resources new developers can learn from.

Furthermore, the efficiency and effectiveness of ReactJS make the library continue retaining its popularity in upcoming years. The library is also suitable with other web technologies like GraphQL and Redux, making it flexible for use across different web development platforms.

However, if you are entirely new to this, you might need between six months to a year to acquire basic proficiency in JavaScript. The process of learning can be much shorter if you have some experience in coding, cutting down the expected time to a matter of months, or even weeks.

Stages of learning ReactJS

New developers can start learning about ReactJS by having a basic comprehension of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. After that, learners can set up their development environment that includes npm (Node Package Manager), Node.js and create-react-app as the starting tools.

In this starting phase, learners must know about several base ReactJS components like JSX syntax extension, components (ReactJS app’s building blocks), props, lifecycle methods and state. Learners can practice ReactJS’ basics by learning these components for 1–2 weeks.

Next is understanding ReactJS’ other core features and concepts like state and setState, component lifecycle methods and conditional rendering. Learning about forms and controlled components is also essential in this phase as it sets the stage for the advanced learning phase.

Upon entering the advanced phase, learners will learn other concepts like higher-order components (HOCs), React hooks and React context.

After taking approximately two to six months, learners are expected to fully comprehend how ReactJS works and the capability to build ReactJS-based apps.

Career prospects

According to Statista, ReactJS was the second most-used web framework in the world after Node.js in 2023.

Although many front-end developers like ReactJS have an average yearly salary of US$59,970 in 2023, its widespread use by companies still makes it a worthwhile option.

Developers also need to take note of different salary rates in each region. For example, North America, Western Europe and the Middle East have an average annual salary between $37,500 and $98,250 for junior full-stack ReactJS developers.

Meanwhile, others like Africa and South America only have between $11,000 and $12,750 for the same roles in 2022.

Luckily, the popularity of remote work makes it possible for developers to find work abroad. With this in mind, ReactJS developers can find good career prospects beyond national borders.